How to clean car air conditioner

1. Clean the car air conditioner with air conditioner cleaning agent:
Under normal circumstances, the air intake of the car air conditioner has a pollen filter, which functions to prevent external dust from entering when the car air conditioner is externally circulating. When cleaning the air conditioner, remove the pollen filter and inject the air conditioner foam cleaning agent from the air inlet. At the same time, close the air outlet of the air conditioner to prevent the foam cleaning agent from flowing out of the air outlet. After these two steps are completed, start the car, turn on the air conditioner, and let the foam cleaning agent circulate internally in the air conditioning system. This step should last a few minutes to ensure that the foam cleaning agent circulates to the various channels of the air conditioning system. About 5 minutes or so, the air conditioner is turned off and the car is turned off. After a while, the dirt will flow out of the air conditioner's duct system on the chassis.
2. Dismantling and cleaning the car air conditioner:
Another washing method is disassembly and washing, which is more troublesome than the first method. First, you have to disassemble the instrument panel and take out the evaporator of the air conditioner. The air conditioner evaporator that has not been cleaned for a long time must be "grown" with dirt and small hairs. You must carefully clean it with a brush. After this step is done, reinstall the air conditioner and wash it again with the first method. More effort will cost you more money, and it will cost you at least a few hundred yuan to dismantle and wash each time. A particularly dirty air conditioner will cost more than one thousand yuan to wash at a time. Therefore, the air conditioner of your car should be cleaned in time, and don't let it "grow". This is laborious and costly.
The first step is to clean the filter element. This is relatively simple. The second step is to open the storage box to find the condenser, increase the air temperature and spray it with cleaning agent.
1. Buy a foam cleaner and disinfectant: a bottle of "Air Conditioner Cleaner for Household Cars".
2. Preparations: find a place with fresh air (remember to clean the air, because you will remove the air-conditioning compartment later), open the front cover, take out the air-conditioning compartment at the air intake in front of the passenger seat, and open all windows , Prepare a cloth and wait to wipe the air outlet;
3. Start cleaning: Ignite, turn off AC, use external circulation, the maximum air volume of 4 gears, remember that the wind should be blown to the driver (that is, not to the feet), and then plug the cleaning agent into the tube and shake it to the front of the passenger Foam is sprayed into the air inlet (how much to spray, you can spray the whole bottle). At this time, pay attention to the foam spray at the air outlet, and use a cloth to dry the foam at any time
4. Wait: After completing the above steps, leave it on with the wind and let it blow for about 10 to 15 minutes, then turn off the wind, turn off the flame, and let the dirty water leak from the drain pipe under the car. Wait a few more minutes;
A few minutes later, I looked at a large area of sewage in the underground. It shows that the air conditioner has been cleaned. The air conditioner is installed and the air conditioner is turned on. The air from the air conditioner is already fragrant... if it smells, it is relatively simple.